Robert Crumb

The legendary underground cartoonist

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This page is a fan’s tribute to Robert Crumb. I probably first saw his drawings in Oz magazine in the ’60s. I’m fairly certain the drawings there were photocopied from early American comics, and that Robert received no payment for them.

I’ve created these pages to promote his work because for decades I had difficulty getting hold of comics and books. Robbie the Pict had a head shop in St Leonard’s Street in Edinburgh which sold some of them, and indeed, Robbie was instrumental in getting Mr Crumb to come to Edinburgh’s Theatre Workshop. You can read more at my description of The Complete Crumb Comics volume 16.

Robert Crumb hasn’t to my knowledge been fiercely protective of his work but I’ve exercised care not to display any high resolution scans here; almost all are 72 dots per inch, reasonable for samples on-screen but no good for printing. If you like what you see here then buy the books. I’ve also shied away from displaying anything that’s provocatively pr0n0graphic!

[The preceding text has been edited from my old HTML website. Rather than try to reconstruct the pages I will instead create a gallery and add some of the comments from the original pages.]

The next gallery consists of low resolution samples from books I’ve bought from Amazon. These samples are OK to view on-screen but not good enough to print. If you want more of Robert Crumb’s work, buy the books from Amazon. In previous years I had to import them from overseas.

Donald Trump – Crumb’s thoughts in 1989

Thanks to Waldemar Janusczak on Twitter for drawing my attention to Robert Crumb’s cartoon strip from 1989 about Donald Trump. The first page was posted on Twitter. After searching my files I found all six pages which I’ve reproduced here. It was Robert’s 76th birthday recently. Many happy returns and I hope you continue to enjoy rural France.