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Personal Favourites

A selection of my best work. (updated December 2018)


Lost Edinburgh. Photos from the ’70s.

Captured Noteworthy Images

Some light relief with images captured from the internet. Either remarkable or humorous.


Photoelasticity: Hidden psychedelic patterns in everyday packaging. Also some CGI (Computer Generated Images) and video.

About Me and Other Hennikers

My first computer, my hobbies, skating, Atari software I wrote, early family photos, assorted Henniker links, watercolours by my grandmother Katie Henniker.


All photos taken in 2004 with my second digital camera, an Olympus E-10.


A few summer photos from 1998 / 1999 taken with my first digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix 900.

Robert Crumb

These galleries are a fan’s tribute to Robert Crumb. I probably first saw his drawings in Oz magazine in the ’60s. Converted for WordPress July 2018.

From Klondyke to Kinnaird – Newcraighall Colliery

What it was like to work underground at the Klondyke, or Newcraighall Colliery.

The Telly Man

Some bizarre tales about what it was like to be a TV Repair Man / TV Mechanic / Field TV Service Engineer in the ’70s and ’80s.

Grasping the Intangible

I first created a page with the same title, probably in 2003. In 2018 I’ve made this WordPress version. Nostalgic technician tales and artwork from Datalink Computers (DCS), BlueChip Computers and PC World

From Oz to Weirdo

Front covers of underground magazines and comics from my collection.

Banksy Graffiti

Sent to me anonymously – so I can’t vouch for authenticity.

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