Lewis and Harris

My daughter who lives on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides has been taking photographs. This gallery is my selection. To view the most recent first, select the first picture then press < to go to the end then < again to step backwards. Also see Berneray, Barra & Uist and Outer Hebrides 2020.

Use this link for the latest Scarista photos from Harris near this gallery’s end.

Linda_seaLinda_snowLinda_snow02NestBoxMcAulyRainbowsViewRay_snowSeaSea02SnowViewDalmore(a)Dalmore(b)Dalmore(c)Dalmore(d)Dalmore(e)Dalmore(f)Dalmore(g)Dalmore(h)Dalmore(i)Dalmore(j)Dalmore(k)Dalmore(l)Dalmore(m)Dalmore(n)Dalmore(o)TolstaShopDSCF2576DSCF6119050CallanishP1060283Callanish2Callanish3P1060473P1060536Tolsta_4Aug(a)Tolsta_4Aug(b)Tolsta_4Aug(c)Tolsta_4Aug(d)Tolsta_4Aug(e)Tolsta_4Aug(f)Tolsta_4Aug(g)Tolsta_4Aug(h)Loch Deasport (1)Loch Deasport (4)view from tent32 Luskentyre beach, tide out47 Luskentyre Village65 Harris Hills & Luskentyre Village68 Taransay, tide out177 Caolas Tharasaigh187 Between Luskentyre & Seilebost198 Beinn Bheag in front of Beinn Dhubh201by Linda Henniker213220266 Luskentyre beach283 View from tent284 Outside tent294297 Towards Seilebost, tide out299300314 River between Luskentyre & Seilebost315 Seilebost323 River between Luskentyre & Selebost25 Linda Coll57 Dalbeg86 Dalmore89 Dalmore90 Dalmore93 Dalmore rocks95 Dalmore rocks97 Man on Dalmore beach108 Dalmore114 Dalmore small beach133 Dalmore157 Dalmore163 Sunrise Tolsta166 Jack sheep Tolsta Head183 Traigh Mhor189 Traigh Mhor191 Traigh Mhor Tolsta193 Above Traigh Mhor202 Garry Beach08 Eoropie shore12 Eoropie Dunes41 Small Cemetery42 Small Cemetery45 Swainbost Beach50 Swainbost shore52 Swainbost shore63 Swainbost shore64 Swainbost shore66 Swainbost Beach with foam67 Swainbost Beach71 Swainbost shore72 Swainbost shore76 Foam & rocks Swainbost shore86 Swainbost shore in rain01 Scaladale River04 Walkway to Maruig05 Signpost to Maruig17 Loch Maruig34 Loch Maaruig, Eilean Maaruig05 Mist over frozen Loch Deasport18 Ray in garden21 Eastend Balallan24 Eastend Balallan25 Rubha Reamhar26 Rubha Reamhar looking west29 Loch Deasport with ice32 Rubha Reamhar looking east40 Towards Seilebost & Luskentyre43 Rubha Reamhar looking east50 Rubha Reamhar looking south at A85962 Towards Seilebost69 Melting ice Loch Deasport70 Ice flower71 Ice flower72 Ice flower73 Ice flower74 Ice flower80 Water ice snow94 Water ice snow04 From Sand St looking to War Memorial09 Estuary from bottom of Sand St10 Bottom of Steinish41 Broad Bay from end airport runway42 Airport at Broad Bay44 Do not enter45 Airport, no access03 Allt Tomnabhal looking to Harris Road & Maaruig04 Allt Tomnabhal08 Lower Clisham looking SE09 Lower Clisham looking at Gormul Maaruig & Loch Seaforth05 Road to Marig06 Road to Marig07 Loch Marig & sign to Tarbert10 The Harris Walkway11 Pathway to Tarbert over Abhainn Mharaig12 Abhainn Mharaig13 Cairn at pathway14 Lochannan Lacasdaill in view21 Old road to Tarbert looking south22 Waterfall Lochannan Lacasdaill23 Walkway to Tarbert25 Old road Tarbert towards Mharaig27 Sign to Maraig29 Sign to Urgha & Loch a Siar32 Best gateway to Tarbert hill - Faire an Teolaig35 Tarbert& Loch an Teolaig36 Loch an Tairbeairt from Faire an Teolaig16 Gully, Loch an t-Siumpain17 Rubha Meadhonach19 Portnaguran village22 Portnaguran village27 Tiumpanhead lighthouse48 Natural arch Port Voller69 Bus shelter Sheshader6 Seilebost beach looking at Taransay7 Seilebost, Taransay8 Seilebost looking sw to Horgabost9 Seilebost beach10 Seilebost, Taransay11 Seilebost shore sand boulders12 Seilebost shore13 Seilebost shore looking to Luskentyre14 Seilebost & Luskentyre15 Seilebost beach & dunes16 Seilebost, Luskentyre17 Seilebost, Luskentyre18 Selebost, Luskentyre30 Seilebost to Taransay & Luskentyre41 Seilebost, Taransay48 Seilebost sand boulders, Horgabost49 Seilebost sand boulders, Taransay50 Seilebost sand boulders, Luskentyre51 Seilbost sand52 Seilebost sand boulders53 Seilebost shore54 Seilebost shoreline56 Sea to Taransay57 Sand boulders & Luskentyre58 Seilebost sand59 Sand boulder shore60 Seilebost sand, Luskentyre61 Seilebost sand boulders63 Seilebost & dunes64 Seilebost & dunes69 Rubha Reamhar69 Seilebost beach70 Rubha Reamhar75 Seilebost dunes76 Corran Selebost77 Corran Seilebost78 Corran Seilebost79 Seilebost with dunes80 Seilebost dunes90 Seilebost to Taransay91 Seilebost shore & Luskentyre97 Seilebost with dunes98 Seilebost sand boulders with algae99 Seilebost sand boulders111 Seilebost to Taransay142 Seilebost sand boulders & dunes5 Sleeping Beauty & Harris hills from Achmore7 Bus stop Garynahine13 Route to Bosta looking back21 Bosta shore43 Bosta44 Bosta45 Bosta50 Sea urchin54 Bosta56 Bosta Iron Age Village area57 Iron Age Village area58 Boulder with limpets59 Boulder with limpets67 Bosta looking at islands to north84 Iron Age House87 Iron Age House1 Scaladale looking sw towards Clisham mountain range9 Seaforth Island14 Loch Seaforth32 Aonaig Mhor, Scaladale River36 Aonaig Mhor, Abgainn Scaladale40 Scaladale River waterfall42 Scaladale River waterfall54 Glenn Sgaladail looking east to Seaforth Island66 Scaladale River, bridge at A859 Harris Road67 Scaladale River at A85970 Scaladale Centre7 Luskentyre beach looking SW10 Luskentyre sw towards Toe Head11 Dogs on beach18 Sound of Taransay26 Seilebost30 Rubha Reamhar41 Toe Head & Taransay44 Beinn Dubh47 Tent on hill54 Luskentyre beach61 Luskentyre shore69 Wave turning70 Green wave73 River between Luskentyre & Seilebost74 Towards Seilebost80 Green wave81 Wave turning86 White ponies87 White ponies88 White ponies91 Luskentyre to Toe Head95 Summit Beinn Luskentyre96 Beinn Luskentyre, looking to lochs on the east102 View from Beinn Luskentyre103 Loch a Siar, Loch Bun Abhainn Eadarra (Ardashaig)104 Horgabost, Scarista beaches in distance, with Toe Head111 Summit Beinn Dubh112 Loch a Siar from Beinn Dhub, Looking NE113 Loch a Siar to Tarbert, Loch Bun Abhain Eadarra to Ardashaig115 Iosaigh, West Loch Tarbert122 Taransay from Beinn Dubh123 Beaches from Beinn Dubh124 Beaches (s)west coast South Harris147 Green wave turning159 Luskentyre beach164 Green wave just turning167 Oystercatchers172 Luskentyre dunes & Seilebost176 Oystercatchers, Luskentyre beach3 Going west from Bowglass4 Going west from Bowglass8 Mullach an Langa & Teieasbhal, Looking SW12 Loch Langabhat & pathway to Miavaig13 Mullach an Langa & Mo Bhiogadail16 Bridge over Abhain Langadail17 Abhain Langadail32 Loch Chleistir37 Old man rock38 Bridge by Loch Bhoisimid39 Stream into Loch Bhoisimid44 Sron Scourst & Oireabhal from Lochan an Fheoir48 Stream between Lochan an Fheoir & Loch Bhoisimid57 Sron Scourst, looking south59 Black rainbow60 Sron Scourst64 View from tent70 Sron Scourst72 Sron Scourst, heading south77 People walking towards Eagle Observatory 2 km from Miavaig78 Glen Miabhaig, people walking towards Eagle Observatort80 Gleann Miabhaig, ascending Smearasmal84 Sron Scourst from Smearasmal86 Sron Scourst from Smearasmal87 Luskentyre, Toe Point, Taransay from Smearasmal92 Campsite Mhiabhaig Smearasmal93 View from tent overlooking Loch a Siar99 White rocks, pink flowers3 Sleeping Beauty from Eishken Road6 Looking north over Loch Seaforth10 Looking NE towards Point, over Loch Seaforth15 Second cairn Mor Mhonadh21 Looking NE towards Point29 Cairn looking east37 Mist coming in39 Cairn at head of Sleeping Beauty48 Bike at Loch Seaforth track1 Blue Pig Gallery Carloway3 Garenin Blackhouse Village4 Garenin Blackhouse Village6 Cliffs Carloway to Dalmore8 Coast Carloway to Dalmore9 Coast Carloway to Dalmore10 Coastline with Dalmore Beach13 Dalmore Beach19 West coast Dalbeg towards Shawbost23 Shawbost Beach, tide out24 Shawbost Beach & Loch a Bhaile27 Shawbost Beach & Loch a Bhaile36 Caves North Shawbost38 Gully Shawbost towards Bragar39 Tent Aird Bheag Bragair52 Sgeir Mhor53 Peninsula & gully at Bragar coast55 Bragar coast62 Sea at Bragar65 Bragar coast looking east towards Arnol & beyond69 Sgeir Mhor72 Sgeir Mhor79 Bragar Cemetery84 Port Arnol with Aird Bheag Bragair in distance85 Port Arnol86 Port Arnol, looking east88 Port Arnol & Loch Arnol to left102 Gully & hollow Bragar coast104 Tent at Bragar coast with gully120 Bragar coast123 Sheep at Bragar coast128 Sunset Bragar131 Rocks & sun Bragar134 Sunset at sea Bragar138 Sunset at tent, Bragar139 Sunset Sgeir Mhor155 Road from Port Mhor Bragair to Bragar village & main road158 Shawbost31 Chumail shore32 Chumail shore41 Natural Arch, Ness51 Butt of Lewis & lighthouse55 Butt of Lewis56 Butt of Lewis79 Swainbost beach90 Ness Cemetery2 Hushinish shore12 Traigh Mheilen14 Traigh Mheilen north end25 Traigh Mheilen looking south, Scarp on right34 Sron nam Fiadh & Cnoc Mor in distance49 Rubha Huisinis50 Small loch near Rubha Rhuadh51 Hushinish beach & Huiseabhal Beag, looking east52 Scarp & Traigh Mheilen53 Pink rocks Hushinish54 Scarp & Traigh Mheilen74 Crabhadail75 Crabhadail, Huiseabhal Beag in distance86 Loch Crabhadail beach looking north96 Midges in the morning100 Cow107 Sound of Scarp117 Mheilen towards Loch Crabhadail120 Loch Crabhadail looking SE122Loch Crabhadail, Loch a Ghlinne in distance123 mini loch at Loch Crabhadail125 Loch na Cleabhaig135 Loch a Ghlinne looking towards Ceartabhal & Huisabhal Mor136 Loch a Ghlinne & Huiseabhal Mor140 Sound of Scarp looking SW towards Cnoc Mor163 Boat Abhainn Suidhe164 Boat Abhainn Suidhe166 Cliasmol182 Loch Bunn Abhainn Eadara184 Roadsign to Hushinish5 Scarista looking NE8 Toe Point9 Scarista looking SE10 Scarista looking NE11 Scarista beach12 River at Toe Point looking S13 River at Toe Point looking N18 Scarista towards dunes looking N20 Scarista dunes21 Scarista22 Scarista24 Toe Point25 Scarista beach26 Scarista beach27 Toe Point28 Toe Point29 Scarista30 Toe Point32 Toe Point37 Scarista beach NE end39 Toe Point41 Toe Point44 Scarista37 Natural Arch North Tolsta55 Traigh Mhor57 Jack Traigh Mhor Tolsta78 Garry Beach Tolsta100 Jack Luskentyre dunes & Beinn Dubh in mist101 Island of Taransay & Luskentyre dunes105 Luskentyre towards Seilebost114 Taransay & Luskentyre dunes33 Natural Arch North Tolsta
2 Horgabost looking NE to North Harris hills4 North Harris from Horgabost6 North Harris hills8 Traigh Niosaboist & Beinn Dubh11 Traigh Niosaboist, Aird Niosaboist12 Traigh Niosaboist, Aird Niosaboist13 Traigh Niosaboist, Aird Niosaboist17 Luskentyre from Horgabost20 Toe Head from Aird Niosaboist21 Aird Niosaboist & Traigh Iar22 Toe Head from Aird Niosaboist25 Traigh Iar Harris29 Toe Head, Traigh Iar30 Toe Head, Traigh Iar34 Toe Head, Traigh Iar37 Toe Head, Traigh Iar38 Toe Head, Traigh Iar40 Horgabost shore43 Cairn summit Aird Niaosaboist45 Macleod Stone Aird Nio0saboist58 Seilebost59 Seilebost60 Seilebost1 Seilebost10 Harris hills from Seilebost11 Seilebost shore18 Seilebost to Horgabost shore31 Horgabost beach, Toe Head in distance39 Seilebost & Luskentyre01 Luskentyre towards Seilebost02 Luskentyre & Harris hills03 Luskentyre & Harris hills04 Luskentyre & Harris hills05 Luskentyre, Taransay, Harris hills08 Traigh Rosamol, East end09 Traigh Rosamol & Taransay10 Stone structure Aird Grothadnais12 Harris hills Traigh Rosamol13 Harris hills Traigh Rosamol15 Harris hills Traigh Rosamol16 Luskentyre, Beinn Bheag, Harris hills17 Luskenytre sands18 Luskentre & Harris hills19 Harris hills from Luskentre20 Harris hills from Luskentyre21 Harris hills from Luskentyre22 Harris hills from Luskentyre23 Toe Head from Luskentyre24 Harris hills & Beinn Bheag from Luskentyre25 Luskentyre looking SW towards Toe Head26 Traigh Rosamol towards harris hills27 Luskentyre towards Seilebost & Horgabost28 Rainbow Taransay29 Jellyfish Luskentyre30 Luskentyre dunes31 Luskentyre towards Seilebost & Horgabost32 Seilebost in mist33 Luskentyre shore in mist34 Luskentyre dunes & Seilebost35 Luskentyre dunes & Taransay36 Harris hills from Luskentyre beach37 Luskentyre view from tent38 Seilebost, Horgabost, Scarista from Beinn Bheag39 Seilebost, Horgabost, Scarista, Toe Head40 Seilebost, Horgabost, Scarista, Toe Head42 Seilebost, Horgabost, Scarista, Toe Head43 Seilebost & Horgabost in mist44 Seilebost, Horgabost, Scarista, Toe Head in mist45 View SW from Beinn Dhubh46 View SW from Beinn Dhubh47 View East from Beinn Dubh48 West Loch Tarbert from Beinn Dhubh49 West Loch Tarbert from Beinn Dhubh50 View East from Beinn Dhubh51 Taransay & dunes from Beinn Dhubh52 West Loch Tarbert with Iosaigh53 View SW from Beinn Dhubh54 Luskentyre, Toe Head, Taransay55 View from Beinn Dhubh57 View East from Beinn Dhubh58 West Loch Tarbert, Loch an Tarbert59 Loch Mhiabhaig from Beinn Dhubh60 Loch Mhiabhaig & Iosaigh61 Loch Mhiabhaig62 Iosaigh, West Loch Tarbert63 West Loch Tarbert65 View SW from Beinn Dhubh66 Cairn Beinn Dhubh, Taransay, Iosaigh67 Loch Mhiabhaig69 Aird Grothadnais & Taransay70 Seilebost, Scarista, Toe Head71 Seilebost & Rubha Reamhar72 Taransay73 View from tent with dinner74 Jellyfish Luskentyre75 Traigh Rosamol & Harris hills76 Traigh Rosamol & Harris hills77 Traigh Rosamol NE end78 Luskentyre beach with dunes & Taransay79 Harris hills from Luskentyre80 Harris hills from Luskentyre81 Harris hills from Luskentyre82 Harris hills from Luskentyre83 Harris hills from Luskentyre89 Luskentyre dunes & Harris hills90 Luskentyre dunes & Taransay91 Towards Seilebost92 Jellyfish Luskentyre93 Jellyfish Luskentyre95 Rubha Reamhar96 To Rubha Reamhar97 Jellyfish Luskentyre98 Jellyfish Luskentyre99 Jellyfish Luskentyre100 Harris hills from Luskentyre beach101 Aird Grothadnais towards North Harris hills102 Aird Grothadnais towards North Harris hills104 Aird Grothadnais towards North Harris hills105 Aird Grothadnais towards North Harris hills106 Aird Grothadnais & foot of Beinn Dhubh107 Aird Grothadnais towards North Harris hills109 Harris hills from Luskentyre110 Harris hills from Luskentyre111 Harris hills from Luskentyre112 Harris hills from Luskentyre113 View from tent with stones & wool114 Luskentyre after rain115 Luskentyre near old cemetery116 Luskentyre near old cemetery117 Luskentyre near old cemetery

(Remaining images by Dave Henniker)

Tolsta, Lewis #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


Try full-screen for this 8 second clip from Port of Ness ↓


Loch_na_Deasport06Loch_na_Deasport07Losgaintir04Losgaintir05 (Luskentyre)Losgaintir09 (Luskentyre)Losgaintir10 (Luskentyre)Losgaintir11 (Luskentyre)Losgaintir12 (Luskentyre)Losgaintir13 (Luskentyre)Losgaintir14 (Luskentyre)Losgaintir15 (Luskentyre)Losgaintir16 (Luskentyre)Losgaintir17 (Luskentyre)Losgaintir18 (Luskentyre)GoldenRoad01GoldenRoad02GoldenRoad03GoldenRoad04GoldenRoad06GoldenRoad07GoldenRoad08GoldenRoad09GoldenRoad14GoldenRoad15GoldenRoad16GoldenRoad17Ardhasaig01Ardhasaig02Ardhasaig03Tolsta01Tolsta02Tolsta03Tolsta04Tolsta05Tolsta06Tolsta08Tolsta09Tolsta10Tolsta11Tolsta12Tolsta13Tolsta14Tolsta15Tolsta16Tolsta17Tolsta18Tolsta19Tolsta20Tolsta21Tolsta22Tolsta23Tolsta24Tolsta25Tolsta26Tolsta27Tolsta28Tolsta29GarryBridgeTolsta30Tolsta33Tolsta34Tolsta35Tolsta36Tolsta37Dalbeg01Dalbeg02Dalbeg03Dalbeg04Dalbeg05Dalbeg06Dalbeg07Dalbeg08Dalbeg09Dalbeg10Dalbeg11Dalbeg12Dalbeg13Dalbeg14Dalbeg15Dalbeg16Dalbeg17Dalbeg18Dalbeg19Dalbeg20Dalbeg21Dalbeg22Dalbeg23Dalbeg26DunCarlowayInformationDunCarloway01DunCarloway02DunCarloway03DunCarloway04DunCarloway05DunCarloway06DunCarloway07DunCarloway08Callanish01Callanish02Callanish03Callanish04Callanish05BalallanGardenBalallanGarden02BalallanGarden03Tarbert01Tarbert02Tarbert03Tarbert04Tarbert05Tarbert06Tarbert07Tarbert08Tarbert10Harris01Harris02Harris03Harris04Harris05Harris06Harris07Harris08Harris09Harris10Harris11Harris17Harris12Harris13Harris14Harris15Harris16Tarbert12Tarbert13Ardhasaig04Ardhasaig05Ardhasaig06BalallanRainbowEoropieBeach01EoropieBeach02EoropieBeach03EoropieBeach04EoropieBeach05EoropieBeach06EoropieBeach07EoropieBeach08EoropieBeach09EoropieBeach10EoropieBeach11EoropieBeach12EoropieBeach13EoropieBeach14EoropieBeach15EoropieBeach15aEoropieBeach16EoropieBeach17EoropieBeach18EoropieBeach19EoropieBeach20EoropieBeach21EoropieBeach22EoropieBeach23EoropieBeach24EoropieBeach25EoropieBeach26EoropieShelterSeatViewEoropieBeach27EoropieBeach28EoropieBeach29EoropieBeach30EoropieBeach31EoropieBeach32EoropieBeach36EoropieBeach37EoropieBeach37aEoropieBeach38EoropieBeach43EoropieBeach44EoropieBeach45EoropieBeach46Butt_of_Lewis01Butt_of_Lewis02Butt_of_Lewis03Butt_of_Lewis04Butt_of_Lewis05Butt_of_Lewis06Butt_of_Lewis07Butt_of_Lewis08Butt_of_Lewis09Butt_of_Lewis10Butt_of_Lewis11Butt_of_Lewis12Butt_of_Lewis13Butt_of_Lewis14Butt_of_Lewis15Butt_of_Lewis16Butt_of_Lewis17Butt_of_Lewis18Butt_of_Lewis19Port_of_Ness01Port_of_Ness02Port_of_Ness03Port_of_Ness05Port_of_Ness06Port_of_Ness07Port_of_Ness08Port_of_Ness09Port_of_Ness10Port_of_Ness12Port_of_Ness13Port_of_Ness14Port_of_Ness15Port_of_Ness16BalallanMorningViewLemreway01Lemreway02Lemreway03Lemreway04Lemreway05Lemreway06Lemreway07Lemreway08LewsCastleGrounds01LewsCastleGrounds02LewsCastle01LewsCastle02LewsCastleGrounds03LewsCastleGrounds04LewsCastleGrounds05LewsCastleGrounds06LewsCastleGrounds07LewsCastleGrounds08LewsCastleGrounds09LewsCastleGrounds10LewsCastleGrounds11LewsCastleGrounds12LewsCastleGrounds13LewsCastleGrounds14LewsCastleGrounds15LewsCastle03LewsCastleGrounds16LewsCastleGrounds17UigCommunityCentre01UigCommunityCentre02Uig03_LUig01Uig02Timsgarry01UigLodge01UigLodge02Timsgarry02Timsgarry04Timsgarry05Timsgarry06Timsgarry07Timsgarry08Timsgarry09Timsgarry10Timsgarry13Timsgarry15Timsgarry16Timsgarry17Timsgarry19Timsgarry20Timsgarry21Timsgarry22Timsgarry23Timsgarry24Timsgarry25Timsgarry26Timsgarry27Timsgarry29Timsgarry30Timsgarry32Mangersta01Mangersta02Mangersta03Mangersta04Mangersta05Mangersta06Mangersta07Mangersta08Mangersta09Mangersta10Mangersta12Mangersta15Mangersta16Mangersta17Mangersta18Mangersta19Mangersta20Mangersta22Mangersta23Mangersta24Mangersta25Mangersta26B8011road01Valtos02Valtos03Valtos04StornowayAirport02airborne01airborne02airborne03