Berneray, Barra & Uist

Also see Lewis and Harris

19 West Beach20 West Beach24 Tent in hollow, Pabbay in distance39 Tent in dunes64 White house66 Old-style house67 New build old style houses68 Berneray village, SE of the island71 House with red door85 West Beach87 Directions to ferry, Uist, & Berneray shop2 Barra Airport4 Barra Airport5 Barra Airport9 Halaman Bay10 Tent Halaman Bay18 Vatersay looking south26 Vatersay West Beach28 Vatersay West Beach30 Vatersay bus stop32 Causeway Vatersay to Barra33 Causeway Barra to Vatersay36 Barra looking at causeway to Vatersay40 Burial Ground48 Beach 252 Halaman Bay & rocks56 Tent Halaman Bay sunset63 Castlebay Pier, Kisimul Castle74 Cleft in rocks75 Cleft in rocks78 Dun Ban79 Dun Ban91 Red boat at sea92 Boat at sea, Halaman93 Red boat at Halaman100 Ferry Barra to Eriskay3 Beach at Daliburgh, Barra in distance4 Beach at Daliburgh, Barra in distance8 South Uist, looking south to Barra9 South Uist, looking north10 South Uist, looking south to Barra23 Trolaisgear, or rock formation south of that25 Dinner at tent, South Uist29 Rainbow over tent31 Sunset South Uist71 Sand hillock75 Cemetery77 Cemetery looking to sea82 Striped stone83 Green stones103 Beach Rubh Aird-mhicheil109 Looking south to standing stone116 Bun na Feathlach, at Tobha Mor118 Bridge over Bun na Feathlach137 Loch Stilligarry138 Water from loch & clothes on tent147 Stilligarry shore148 Stilligarry shore152 Beach & hills at Stilligarry156 Beach at Stilligarry160 Beach, dunes, hills, Stilligarry164 Sunset Stilligarry169 Sunset Stilligarry170 Sunset Stilligarry176 Sunset Stilligarry178 Track to Stilligarry village179 Bus shelter Stilligarry180 Ruined house Stilligarry181 Empty shop Stilligarry2 Benbecula airport waiting for bus4 Clachan, North Uist6 Road signs at Clachan7 Road signs at Clachan11 Tent in dunes, Stir Beach16 Traigh Stir, tide out31 Raicinis & Traigh Bheireal35 Cladach Mor37 Stir Beach, tide in43 Tent last night Stir Beach45 Tent high on dunes Traigh Iar53 Udal peninsula with Traigh Ear & Traigh Iar57 Traigh Udal, Traigh Ear, Traigh Iar59 Cemetery, top of Udal peninsula65 Udal peninsula heading south on east side68 Udal peninsula east side69 Sand, towards Traigh Ear72 Big sand, Traigh Ear75 Traigh Ear78 View from tent on dunes, looking towards Vallay Island82 View from tent with Vallay Island83 View from tent with Vallay Island103 Taigh Chearsabhagh104 Lochmaddy Pier105 Signs at Lochmaddy114 Vallay Beach120 Vallay Beach121 Vallay Beach & Vallay Island122 Sand dunes Vallay Beach towards Traigh Iar123 Sand dunes Traigh Bhalaigh towards Traigh Iar157 Traigh Iar from camp159 Traigh Iar from dunes162 Traigh Iar166 Traigh Iar, dunes, Vallay Island168 Traigh Iar & Udal peninsula171 Traigh Iar172 Traigh Iar173 Traigh Iar180 Ferry Berneray Slip186 Berneray to Leverburgh