My selection, most recent first.

Three 2023 photos taken in the McEwan Hall on its Open Doors day. Each photo is a sample snapshot of the interactive 360º original which loads when you click on the photo.

Central View ↑

Corner View ↑

The stairway to the left of the main hall. A couple below were staging a dramatic scene…

↑ Dean Village 05 Water of Leith ↑

↑ ↓ Click on either snapshot for the full interactive version. ↑ ↓  Waverley Station

↑ ↓ Click on either of these screenshots to see the full interactive 360º original of Warriston’s Close ↑ ↓

↑ Click on the above screenshot to see the 360º original. Click / tap the text at top right to try different perspectives. ↑

↑ Marchmont interactive 360º view ↑

↑ Bruntsfield Place / Merchiston Park ↑

↑ Barclay Church ↑

↑ Holy Corner ↑

↑ Scottish Widows 1 ↑

↑ Scottish Widows 2  ↑

↑ Conference Centre ↑

↑ Morrison Street ↑

↑ St Giles video ↑

↑ Latest Colinton Tunnel video 27 October 2022 ↑

↑ Edinburgh’s Innocent Tunnel backwards view reversed. Better version with ambient music.

↑ Two minute cycle trip down the Cowgate

↑ Fleshmarket Close via High Street

↑ Dean Bridge view of Dean Village

↑ Experimenting with the 360 Insta One X camera. All panning and zooming done later on my PC. Corner of Queensferry Street and Shandwick Place.

↑ Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens and a stroll round the Ross Fountain with the castle in the background.

↑ Psychedelic treatment applied to Ocean Terminal

↑ Fountainbridge Square on Canal Festival Day

↑ Leith Graffiti Wall

↑ Musing mews Meuse Lane with the Insta 360 One X. A wander along Meuse Lane behind the east end of Princes Street.

↑ Interactive 360º picture of Register Place (zoom with mouse wheel, drag to rotate)
Full Screen

↑ Eric Liddell Centre at Holy Corner

↑ Salisbury Crags

↑ Views from the National Museum of Scotland roof terrace

↑ Descending from the roof of the National Museum