DHL’s customer service is a prime example of false statements and user-hostile procedures. On 11th October I ordered a camera from Amazon. A week later on the 18th Amazon’s tracking provided by DHL stated at 5.16am that it was out for delivery. Later that day the tracking update said ‘Delivery attempted’ at 11.37am. I was at home and waiting but the driver didn’t enter the tenement’s common stair although the street door wasn’t locked. Had the driver pushed the door he or she could have rung my doorbell and that would have been a delivery achieved – but instead a card was slipped under the street door and left lying in the passageway.

The next two updates in the tracking information were both timed at 2.06pm the same day. The first one was another ‘Delivery attempted’  and the second one was ‘Customer requested to forward to a new address’, i.e. a pickup point I chose at a shop at Spittal Street in Edinburgh.

The next day, Friday 19th October an update timed at 9.01am said it was ‘Out for delivery’. Confusingly the address given in these updates was Edinburgh, EH54 8SJ which seems to be the DHL warehouse in the town of Livingston. The next update was timed at 12.29pm and said ‘Delivery attempted’  at the shop at Spittal Street, Edinburgh EH3 9DX. I thought perhaps the shop wasn’t open. No information was provided.

I was informed that a third ‘attempt’ at delivery could only be made to the original address (my home) so I said OK in a contact form on a DHL web page. It seems impossible just to email; the contact form had too many restraints to communicate confidently.

Saturday and Sunday passed and on Monday 22nd an update timed at 7.38am said ‘Out for delivery’. I waited in the whole day to no avail. Looking anxiously out my window shortly before 6pm I saw a DHL van across the road. When I suspected they were not coming to me I dashed downstairs and through the traffic and spoke to the two male and female DHL staff in the van. They tried to be as helpful as possible despite being busy (114 deliveries) and eventually they found my details on a printout and told me they had delivered my parcel to that same shop at Spittal Street, Edinburgh EH3 9DX this morning.

My daughter and I dashed down to Spittal Street (taking photo ID because I didn’t have the delivery code because the latest update said it was still out for delivery to my home address). The proprietor of the shop said there was no record of my parcel and indeed no parcel. He only had two parcels neither of which was mine. We traveled home again, empty handed.

On my return the latest update at 5.20pm said ‘Delivery attempted’ at EH3 9DX which was a blatant untruth because I had just been at the shop .

The saga continues…

Today, Tuesday 23rd, Amazon have initiated their refund service but the updates provided by DHL have changed saying “8.52am Out for delivery” but they don’t say where to, only the postcode of their Livingston warehouse.

Unlike DPD, DHL don’t give a 1 hour window in which the parcel will arrive. I am expected to wait at home all day until 8pm. I’ll be keeping my browser open on the Amazon ‘Track Package’ page containing DHL’s dubious information, pressing F5 periodically to refresh the page. On previous form I expect the status to change to ‘Delivery attempted’ at some random time hours before the update actually appears.

The image below is another contradiction. It says “out for delivery to your Local Parcel Shop” but on the Amazon page with DHL updates it says my home address. It also claims the parcel shop was closed at 17.49 which is untrue because I was at that shop at that time and it was open.